ARK will fund loans on commercial and residential security. The type of security we will lend upon is as follows:

  • Commercial income producing security;
  • Commercial and residential property development – we have extensive experience in this area; and
  • Residential security that is not subject to the consumer credit code

No specialised security including rural locations

Each application for funding will include the following:

  1. Completed ARK Application Form
  2. S21 Identification Form along with 100 points of certified ID
  3. Assets and Liabilities Statement
  4. Signed Privacy Act Consent Form
  5. Copies of lease contracts
  6. Income details
  7. Construction loans require a detailed feasibility along with a predetermined number of pre-sale requirements.
  8. ARK may request further information from the borrower including tax returns and copies of financial statements.
  9. Each loan must have an independent valuation that is instructed by ARK and, where a construction facility is approved, we will use a quantity surveyor.
  10. Other information as determined by Ark.

On completion of the analysis of an application, including the valuation and financial analysis, the loan application will be reviewed by the Credit Committee for final sign off. All loans approved are periodically reviewed by the Compliance Committee. There will also be a meeting between an employee or nominee of ARK who has relevant lending experience and the borrower and, if necessary, any guarantors, to obtain further relevant information and to ascertain the borrower’s requirements and details about the loan.

have a higher risk of default.

Our loan are secured by commercial and/or residential property, often supported by directors and/or individual guarantees.

Our interest rates start at 7% and will vary depending on the loan type and the security. All rates are clearly stated early on in the application and offer process.

We pride ourselves on assessing applications within a 24-hour period. We will have a detailed discussion with you prior to taking the loan application to give you clear guidelines on the proposed loan, our requirements and the pricing. You will have direct access to the decision-makers who do not hide behind credit or lending committees. We will not waste your time or ours requesting information prior to agreeing to fund. A competent lender can make a firm decision based on the information discussed. We expect that the introducer/borrower can supply the necessary documentation to satisfy our requirements.

80%, however, many of our loans are below this level.

We specialise in construction facilities and have over 15 years’ experience in funding these types of facilities. Choosing the right lending partner for a developer is as important as the developers own experience. Development funding holds many complexities, which can be disastrous if funded by the wrong lender.