Invest with Us

To receive detailed information about our current opportunities you first need to become a member with us.

To apply, please download and read a copy of our Product Disclosure Statement or contact us if you would prefer one sent to you by post/e-mail. You will find all the information about our fund and the regulations we require by ASIC.

Once you have been verified and are a member of the scheme you will have access to all of our current opportunities SPDS documents which will allow you to make an informed independent decision if the investment is right for you.

The Invitation to Invest/SPDS contains details about the proposed first mortgage loan such as:

  • The borrower and any guarantors
  • The amount of the loan
  • The address of the security property to be mortgaged
  • The independent valuation date, amount, valuer’s name and valuation synopsis, usually including a photograph of the property when available
  • The loan to valuation ratio, which will generally be up to 80%
  • The interest rate payable by the borrower
  • The management fee payable by the borrower
  • The term of the loan
  • The date when the loan is scheduled to be repaid
  • The title reference
  • Any special provisions in the mortgage

Generally, you have a 14-day cooling off period while your funds are invested in the Fund’s cash account to decide if an investment in this Fund is right for you. The 14-day cooling off period starts on the earlier of the date you receive your initial investment transaction statement; or five business days after your funds are invested into the Fund’s cash account.

If you wish to cancel your investment, it is important that you write to us before the expiration of this period. Further information about the cooling off period is available in the PDS, or our FAQ page.