Murray Direct Mortgage Fund (the Fund) is a registered managed investment scheme regulated by ASIC under the Corporations Act.

The aim of the Fund is to offer investors access to direct mortgage investments secured by real estate property that may not otherwise be available to individual investors.

  • Security over first mortgaged properties, in SA, VIC, and NSW
  • Fixed returns for the term of the mortgage
  • Returns between 7% and 12% p.a.

Mortgages are sourced direct from borrowers or through ARK’s current contacts and professional network of finance brokers and introducers. The mortgages are managed by ARK to provide investors with both the security of a registered mortgage over property, and distribution of monthly or advance returns. ARK is the responsible entity of the Murray Direct Mortgage Fund, which was established in 1974. We hold a current AFSL, are regulated by ASIC and have a maximum LVR of 80%.

Interested in investing?

ARK’s Fund allows investors to take control of their investments by selecting an individual loan to invest in or by building a loan portfolio. Investors can simply choose the returns, loan duration (fixed terms) and risks that are right for them.

An investment in ARK can contribute to your wealth building whilst providing security for your money. If you are interested in making an investment in ARK, please contact us on 1300 838 834.

For more information on investing in mortgage funds and schemes please click the links below that will take you to the ASIC website.

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